Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services

SIEM is a complex technology, involving design, deployment, development and management phases. At Security Centric, we provide assistance throughout the SIEM lifecycle. This will help you choose the right SIEM solution, ensure your policies and procedures maximise SIEM’s value and enable you to respond to all types of events and incidents.

SIEM as a Service

Our cloud-based SIEM solution with customised dashboard. Our SIEM team will define detailed rule sets to capture information from critical assets as per business, technical and compliance requirements. The data will be collected from multiple data sources using data aggregators. All recorded events will be processed and correlated for analysis and alerting by our team of security analysts.

Outsourced SOC

Capabilities of a Security Operations Centre without the dedicated security team and investment in technology. Extend the capabilities of SIEM as a Service to an outsourced SOC. Taking feeds of all relevant security events, these are correlated by the SIEM platform and monitored by our security analysts and engineers. Should suspicious or malicious activity occur, we coordinate activities with your internal ICT personnel, or optionally enact changes to protect your environment.