Governance, Security Framework, Policy Development

The information security landscape is continually evolving so security controls that were effective last year may not be providing an adequate level of protection now. Appropriate governance, including a security framework and its policies, ensures that an organisation has the mechanisms to continually assess the environment and respond to emerging threats. A security framework is also essential for providing required information for compliance and audit activities.


Security governance provides assurance that the security program meets the security needs of the organisation and without it security can become a series of processes that do not achieve the right goals. Security Centric can understand your organisation’s security requirements and ensure the designed security program delivers the required compliance.

Security Framework

A security framework ensures that adequate roles and resources are allocated to the function of information security. It also provides a mechanism for dealing with change and improving security over time. Security Centric can assist with establishing a security framework to meet your compliance or other needs.

Policy Development

Clear and comprehensive written policies are required to maintain a consistent level of security over time and preserve information as staff join and leave the organisation. Security Centric has experience writing and reviewing policy documents to deliver governance objectives and comply with applicable frameworks.