Cloud Technical Security Assessment

Organisations are realizing the benefits of moving infrastructure and services to the cloud however they often do not fully understand the security implications of doing so. A cloud technical security assessment will identify deficiencies in cloud security architecture, identify vulnerabilities in applications and provide recommendations to improve security of the cloud system.

Cloud Architecture Assessment

Analysis of the security of the client’s cloud system architecture to determine if it satisfies security requirements. A report will assess the architecture and also describe in detail which aspects of security are the responsibility of the client and which can be passed to the cloud provider ensuring there is no ambiguity and nothing will “fall between the cracks”.

Cloud Best Practice Benchmarking

Technical benchmarking tests for major cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rack space, Salesforce. Our review will provide benchmarking against best practice guidelines written by bodies such as the Cloud Security Alliance and customised to the client’s requirements.

Cloud Vulnerability Management

Includes operating system hardening, monthly vulnerability assessment, remediation activity for operating system level patches. Reports can be used for risk assessments and customer assurance activities.