Security Solutions

Secure the network perimeter. Protect against internal threats. Reduce likelihood and consequence of compromise, including phishing, malware and ransomware..

Network Security

Secure the network layer through advanced content inspection and intrusion prevention.

Identity Management

Ensure adequate and appropriate authentication and authorisation, based on risk profile. Maintain user efficiency whilst also satisfying security requirements.

Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training is vital to ensure your organisation is protected against phishing and social engineering attacks.

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Strong (Multifactor) Authentication

Implement strong authentication where risk profile dictates. Combination of software, hardware, SMS, OTP and HSM options for flexible deployment.

SIEM & Event Log Management

Obtain visibility into what events and actions are occurring, across all technologies. Correlate activity across the network, applications and endpoints to prevent false positive noise and concentrate on actionable events.

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Patch Management

One of the most important, most effective but also most challenging security management responsibilities. Ask us how to turn enterprise patching into a half hour exercise!

Mobile Device Management

In today's distributed environment, mobile devices, including BYOD, present both significant advantages and risks. Ensure enterprise-wide policies reach mobile devices.