Managed Services

Maintain a secure technology stack. Monitor and respond to threats. Transfer compliance responsibility to free resources for core business functions.

Outsourced CISO

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provides an essential function in an organisation by being a source of security expertise and integrating security within business processes. Establishing and retaining the necessary in-depth knowledge can be difficult for an organisation however this is not a problem when using Security Centric’s CISO as a Service offering.

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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management services provide proactive security to safeguard against all known attack vectors in your IT environment. Our scanning and patching engines remediate vulnerabilities to save unwanted downtime losses and will let internal resources concentrate on your business.

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SIEM & Event Log Management

SIEM is a complex technology, involving design, deployment, development and management phases. At Security Centric, we provide assistance throughout the SIEM lifecycle. This will help you choose the right SIEM solution, ensure your policies and procedures maximise SIEM’s value and enable you to respond to all types of events and incidents.

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Compliance Management

Organisations can be required to comply with specified standards as a result of legislative requirements, contractual requirements or to prove to customers than they have attained a certain level of information security.

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Incident Handling/Response

Develop and integrate an incident response framework. Lean on us for expert incident response and forensic investigation.

Outsourced SOC

Capabilities of a Security Operations Centre without the dedicated security team and investment in technology. Extend the capabilities of SIEM as a Service to an outsourced SOC. Taking feeds of all relevant security events, these are correlated by the SIEM platform and monitored by our security analysts and engineers. Should suspicious or malicious activity occur, we coordinate activities with your internal ICT personnel, or optionally enact changes to protect your environment.

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