Get Secured

Security Centric understands Information Security, with a proven track record securing Military, Government and Corporate ICT environments, with a focus on business risk rather than technical possibilities.


Identify business risk rather than merely technical risk.
Assess cyber security against industry best practice.
Measure and report on compliance.


Secure the network perimeter.
Protect against internal threats.
Reduce likelihood and consequence of compromise, including phishing, malware and ransomware.


Maintain a secure technology stack.
Monitor and respond to threats.
Transfer compliance responsibility to free resources for core business functions.

Security in Numbers

Business Risks Identified

Vulnerabilities Remediated

Incidents Responded

Security Events Correlated

Security Services

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Understand business risk from information systems (not a long list of technical “vulnerabilities”)

Penetration Testing

Understand how system configuration, architecture and maturity may be exposing your organisation.


Achieve and maintain compliance goals without over engineering solutions and maintaining a focus on core business functions.

Outsourced SOC

Get 24x7 monitoring of your environment, with an expert team, but without the in-house cost.

Network Perimeter

Secure the perimeter and maintain this posture through manual and automated techniques.

Outsourced CISO

Gain the credentials and experience of a senior executive to review and shape strategy and direction.

IRAP Assessments

ISM compliance for sensitive Government networks and service providers to Government.

Vulnerability Management

Continuously detect and remove the vulnerabilities that lead to compromise.

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